How Do I Change My Address Once I Move?

Changing your address is a fairly simple process, whether moving cross country or working through a local move. Pick from one of several options for changing your address with the United States Postal Service, and don’t forget to change your address with other government agencies, utility and credit card companies, and your subscriptions. Keep in mind that changing your address is on you and not part of relocation services.

USPS Change of Address

Change your address with the United States Postal Service by either changing it online via or visiting your local post office. If you choose the latter, request a mover’s guide. You may also ask the post office to hold your mail or change your address temporarily.

Government Agencies

Change your address with other government agencies as needed, including:

  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Social Security Administration
  • State Motor Vehicle Agencies
  • State Election Offices
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Links to all of these agencies are found on the website.

Utilities and Beyond

Call your utility companies to inform them of your local move and that you will require their services at a new address. If you are moving cross country, you will need to shut off service at your current residence and call the utility companies around your new location to set up service.

Change your address on your credit card accounts by simply filling out the change of address form found on the back of your bill. Call or email the magazines you subscribe to as well as any other subscription services you use to notify them of your address change.

Make a list of all the companies and agencies you need to contact about your change of address. Do this before looking into relocation services! Good luck!

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