What Information and Paperwork Is a Mover Required to Provide?

Moving means taking care of many things, including gathering the information required from movers. Having the needed paperwork makes the process easier and avoids legal problems related to missing or damaged property. Paperwork for movers includes the following:

  • Order of Service: The Order of Service is created by your moving company. It is not a contract; rather it is an order every moving company must prepare for every shipment transferred by an individual party/shipper. Both you and the movers must sign the document. Shipping date changes and any other updates made to the order by the moving company need to be prepared in writing.
  • Bill of Lading: The Bill of Lading is the contract between you and your selected moving company. This document is necessary for every “shipment,” or truck full of your stuff, the movers transport, and it must feature the same information as the Order of Service. The mover loading your shipment gives you the document before moving your items into the moving vehicle. The Bill of Lading requires the mover to provide the services outlined and requires the client to pay for said services.
  • Inventory List: The inventory list is not mandatory like the above documents; however, it is still a good idea for insurance purposes. Your mover creates a list of the items being moved, along with descriptions of wear or damage. It is recommended that you also make an inventory list as you gather your paperwork for movers to avoid any problems related to furniture damage and similar complications.

Obtain copies of the Order of Service and Bill of Lading documents. Keep them in a safe place with other important necessities to avoid losing the paperwork during your move. Contact your movers at Attention to Detail if you have any additional questions about necessary paperwork.

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