Are There Items You Cannot Move?

Utilizing packing and moving services is a wonderful thing; however, the packing of some items is prohibited. To make the process easier, learn what items local and long-distance moving services will not transfer.

Hazardous Materials

The moving of any hazardous materials is strictly prohibited due to the danger they present to you and the movers. Items designated as corrosive, flammable, or explosive are illegal for movers to transport. The most common hazardous materials you cannot move include acids, weed killer, ammonia, aerosols, car batteries, charcoal, fireworks, paint thinner, pesticides, paints, nail polish remover, poisons, pool chemicals, motor oil, kerosene, household batteries, cleaning solvents, propane tanks, and fertilizer, among many others. Weapons such as loaded handguns are also considered hazardous materials that movers cannot handle.

Perishable Items

Perishable food items are not allowed by long-distance moving services because such foods will not keep. They subsequently attract insects, mice, rats, and other pests that could easily damage your property. It might be possible to transport perishable foods during a same-day move, but it depends on the moving company. Perishable food items include frozen foods, open food products, produce, and refrigerated food. Plants may also fall into the perishable item category.

Sensitive and Irreplaceable Items

Packing and moving services usually do not include the moving of sensitive items, such as cash, household keys, medicine, software, laptops, address books, and personal files. Movers might also refuse to move irreplaceable items, such as jewelry, antiques, and photo albums. It is highly recommended that you remain responsible for all sensitive and valuable items, and take them with you on moving day. Keep them in a safe place until the move is over.

Whether you require a piano moving service or standard packing and moving services, use the above information as a helpful guide.

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