What Should I Know About Pick-Up and Delivery Dates?

Obtain the official pick-up date or date range from your moving company via your Order of Service or Bill of Lading. If the date is not featured on either document, you might not receive your items within your desired timeframe. The Order for Service dates should be added to your Bill of Lading unless you have decided on another day or “spread of dates.”

Moving Pick-Up Dates

Get your Bill of Lading from your moving company when your items are being picked up. The document should feature the name of the standard or same-day moving company, the company’s address and telephone number, and any other relevant information. It is your job to “accept” a pick up between the first and last date outlined on the Order for Service/Bill of Lading. Keep in mind that the actual pick-up day will be within the “spread of dates” named by your moving company.

Moving Delivery Dates

It is up to you to accept property delivery as per the spread of dates listed on your moving documents. You might as well ignore the delivery date or dates the person picking up your items mentions. Refer to your Order for Service or Bill of Lading instead to estimate when delivery will occur. The spread of dates is legally binding, not the driver’s guess.

Additional Tips

Pay attention to the wording used to describe moving pick-up and delivery dates. For example, if the Order for Service or Bill of Lading describes the delivery dates as “in the weeks following pick up,” request an actual timeframe, such as “between the 1st and the 5th of the month of July.” Also, keep in mind that working with a same-day moving company is a way to sidestep pick-up and delivery hassles.

Good luck!

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