If I Need to Change My Moving Date, How Much Notice Does the Moving Company Need?

Change My Moving Date

Contact your moving company as soon as possible if you need to change your moving date. Get in touch with your moving coordinator to let the person know about the change of plans and what next steps to take. Explain the reason for your date change if you want, such as a major life event or simply because you want to move in better weather. The sooner you give notice for changing your moving date, the more room you will have to make adjustments that suit your moving schedule.

Estimate Changes

Remember that the moving estimate might change depending on the dates you select. This is generally due to the time of year and the moving company’s schedule. For example, if you need to move during less-than-pleasant weather, the moving company might increase the estimate total because of additional labor, poor driving conditions, an increased chance of damage to goods, etc. Determine if changing your moving date is really worth the extra money before making a final decision.

Timing Is Everything

Contact your moving company the day you realize you want to change your moving date, if possible. Timing is a key factor in the moving process, and could easily make the difference between an affordable local move and one that costs you far more than you would like. Your moving estimate includes the load and weight of your goods, transportation, packing, and all other labor in addition to the moving date range. Find a moving date both you and the moving company can agree on to save yourself time and energy. This will also help your stress level. Keep in mind that booking moving services at least six weeks prior to your move is best to accommodate situations such as these.

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