Does the Quote Also Include the Movers Packing Everything Up?

Yes. Any moving company that fails to provide a packing quote in a moving estimate falls into the “scam” category. Packing services are optional, as you might decide to pack everything yourself; however, they still must be included in your moving estimate if the company provides such services.

Weight and Amount of Moving Truck Room

Beware of movers who sidestep the onsite moving estimate or just do a quick walk-through. People always have more items than they think, and any seasoned, expert estimator keeps this in mind. A reputable estimator also takes the weight of your items into account, such as the weight of a headboard or antique dining room table, as well as the amount of space items will take up in the moving vehicle(s).

The Right Questions

Your Los Angeles moving quote should also include the estimator asking questions about your items and furniture. Savvy questions include:

*Are you planning on getting rid of anything via garage sales/donations/friends and family?

*Will you will be eating the food in your pantry and refrigerator prior to the move?

*How many closets are within your home?

*Will the estimator be able to look inside them?

Questions about the attic and basement are also necessary, as both are large storage areas.

Your Queries, Answered

The estimator will answer any packing service questions you have before drawing up a final moving estimate. You will get the chance to review the estimate and ask any final questions related to packing or other moving services.

Remember, if a moving estimate does not include packing services, do not work with the moving company! Work with Attention To Detail to receive the detailed estimate you need to avoid post-move complications. Good luck!

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