When you find a new place and schedule a move, the excitement quickly wears off as you realize that you have so much to do to get prepared. Some people may try to put it out of mind and worry about it at the last moment, but this is only going to make things even harder. If you want your next move to go as well as it can, then you need to have a plan and you need to start some of your preparation for the move as soon as possible.

Sort Your Stuff

One thing that is true of most people is that they not only have more stuff than they need, but they probably have more stuff than they even want. The move to a new home provides a good opportunity to sort through all of your stuff and determine what you need and what you do not. Some of the stuff you might be able to sell, there could be some things that you give away or donate or some of it might just need to be thrown away.

You don’t even need to do the whole home at once. Break the home up into sections and tackle one section or room at a time. In addition to sorting, you may also want to take an inventory of all of the things that you are moving.

Clean the House

Moving and packing will be much easier with a house that is clean and organized. As you go through each section of the house determining which items go with you and which ones you don’t need, you can also clean the house one section at a time. Once you have completely sorted a section of the home, just clean it up and leave it be.

Make Moving Arrangements

Whether you are doing the move on your own or hiring a moving company, you will need to start making the arrangements ahead of time. If you are hiring a moving company, then you need to start looking at the different services that are offered and comparing prices.

If you are planning a do it yourself move, then you need to start making arrangements for a truck and you will need to start finding and organizing a group of people that can help you with the move. Either way, these arrangements should be made as far in advance as possible.

Get Ready to Pack

For a move to run smoothly, you need to pack with a purpose. So many people put off packing until the moving date is almost upon them and it makes the process much tougher than it needs to be. Make sure to get all of the packing supplies that you need and take the time to develop a packing plan with a checklist. Organized packing will make the loading and unloading easier and it will make the process of unpacking much less stressful.

Address Changes and Utilities

One important point is to get all of your address changes made and your utilities switched. You probably have a bunch of companies that rely on having your address and you need to make sure that they are informed in advance. Change the address for your credit cards, banking info, subscriptions or anything else that needs an accurate address. For your utilities, you need to make sure that the old house is turned off and the new house is turned on.

A move is a major undertaking and a failure to plan and take care of things in an organized fashion is likely to result in an unpleasant moving experience. The team from Attention to Detail Moving can help with the preparation for your move. Our team captains have experience and they can help to get you organized and help you with forming a plan. Whether it is a local move or long distance, we are here to help all of our clients in the Simi Valley and Los Angeles areas.

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