You have enough on your plate when you are preparing to move. You can make things easier on yourself by leaving the heavy lifting to a professional moving company. There are certainly plenty around Los Angeles, but you should do your due diligence to find one you can trust.

  1. Are You Licensed?

Anyone can say they are a professional mover. To be confident you are dealing with true professionals, ask for the company’s license number. This will prove that the business has been certified by the United States Department of Transportation.

  1. Are You Insured?

Licenses and insurance are two separate things. While you can typically trust a licensed company, anything can happen in transit. A moving company should have a general liability insurance policy to cover anything that gets broken or damage during the move.

  1. Do You Have Experience With My Specific Type of Move?

Some companies specialize in residential moves while others focus on commercial ones. You can even get more specific and ask if a company is proficient in moving into high-rise apartment buildings or townhouses if that will be the case.

  1. Can You Provide References

Any company can say they are the best around. To see if that is a fact, you should speak with references who have used the organization’s services before. They will be straight with you and let you know if you should hire them.

  1. Will You Handle Specialty Items?

These items include pianos, furniture, electronics and antique heirlooms. It is important you are upfront with everything delicate that needs to be handled during a move. For something like a piano, you want to be certain the movers know how to move it so that it does not end up out of tune or damaged.

You can certainly ask us as many questions as you need to before hiring us. We here at Attention to Detail Moving want you to be comfortable, so get in touch by calling 844-668-3223. You deserve to have peace of mind.

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