Even if you’re excited and looking forward to your move, that doesn’t mean the process isn’t without more than a little stress. Not only is Attention to Detail Moving here to help with the physical process of the move, we’d like to offer five tips to better handle the mental process of moving and the stress that comes with it.

  1. Get Rid of Items You No Longer Want or Need

A lot of the frustration that comes with moving has to do with deciding what to pack, how to pack it, loading it, moving it and unloading it. Do yourself a favor and go through your house to decide what you want to keep and what to get rid of to lower the number of boxes to pack up.

  1. Start Early

If you know when you’ll be moving, get started earlier than you think you need to. You’ll have plenty of time to plan everything out and take care of everything, and you might even have more time than you think you need, which is preferable to the stress that comes with having more tasks than you do time.

  1. Leave a Space of Peace

Is there an area of your home that brings you peace? It could be a reading nook, your deck or a meditation space. Whatever it is, leave it to be packed up last. That way, if you do start to feel the stress of moving, you’ll have a familiar place to go to unwind.

  1. Plan

Getting started early doesn’t do you much good if you don’t have a solid moving plan in place. Make a list of which rooms to clean, when to have services shut off and how much you expect your move to cost.

  1. Reach Out for Help

Even if you don’t have very much to move, it’s still a good idea to see if any of your friends would be willing to help, making the job much easier and faster so you can get settled.

For more ways on keeping stress at bay during your move, contact us here at Attention to Detail Moving.

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