Moving to a new apartment can take some adjusting to. However, you don’t need to wait for months or years to pass before your new place begins to feel like home. There are some things you can do right now to make the place more comfortable and familiar.

  1. Decorate

When moving into a new place, you may put off hanging pictures or putting up knickknack displays because you are too tired from the move. Doing these things, though, can turn a new space into a familiar space quickly, so get to decorating and making it your own space.

  1. Invite Over Guests

One thing that makes a place really feel like home is making memories there. Throw a party or invite over family to spend some time in your new apartment. Make new memories there to give it a home-like feel.

  1. Paint

Many apartments are a clean slate with neutral walls. To really make it feel like your place, slap some paint on the walls. Put your personality into it. If you can’t paint, consider temporary wallpaper options or hang pictures or posters.

  1. Unpack

It is common after moving to just want to leave boxes sit unpacked. Maybe stuff some in closets or storage areas until later. However, to really make this place feel comfortable, you need to unpack completely and get settled in.

  1. Fix Lighting

Lighting really can change the way a place feels. Make sure you have good lighting sources to brighten up the rooms you spend a lot of time in or to make them feel welcoming and cozy. Lighting can be affected by your choice of lightbulb, lamp or window treatments.

These five tips are great for making a new place feel like somewhere you can really live. If you will be moving soon, keep these tips in mind, and contact us at Attention to Detail Moving here or by phone at 844-668-3223.

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