Moving an entire home is no small feat, but there are ways you can minimize the chaos and add order to the task. Labeling in an organized fashion is one significant way. Here are a few tips to help you master the art of labeling your moving boxes. 

Color Code

The easiest way to sort a mass number of boxes is to clearly be able to see identifiers before even walking over to them. Choose a specific color to correlate with each room, then use that color ink and tape when packing those items. At the new home, slap a sheet of paper with that color onto the appropriate door and it will make it easier for movers to take the boxes directly to their new spaces.

Preprint Labels

If possible, preprint labels that are clear and easy to read so you can just grab and attach. This helps avoid the confusion that can occur with movers having to decipher your handwriting.

Multiple Sides

You have no idea how the boxes will be set down, so place labels on multiple sides for easy reading. If you need a box to remain upright, be sure to clearly mark the top with an obvious label and arrows on the sides pointing upwards.


Labeling the room is just the tip of the organization. List out the contents or at least the types of items in the box to further the orderliness. This allows everything to be placed just a little closer to their final destinations. It also helps you when trying to find items amid the chaos and helps you prioritize which to unpack first.


If you opt for labels, place clear packing tape over the top. If using markers, choose those of the permanent, waterproof variety. This protects your labeling for as long as you need and keeps the ink from transferring onto hands when carried.

Take time to research and prepare well before your actual moving day. Learn more about packing options or to get a quote for professional assistance by contacting Attention To Detail Moving.

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