When a big move is on the horizon, you want to make things as easy as possible on yourself. There are plenty of ways to save money during this time, but you can also make some money by having a sale before you depart. A moving sale can lighten the load and fill up your wallet before you start a new adventure.

Get Friends to Help

It can be tough to look at your possessions with an objective eye. Therefore, you should invite a friend or two over who can help you decide what can be sold. Going through this process with a buddy by your side will make it a lot more fun, too.

Clean Everything

People who come to your garage sale want usable items. Clean pieces so that they are not covered in dust. If there are any pieces of clothing you are planning to sell, then you should wash and dry them before displaying them.

Set Reasonable Prices

While making some cash is a nice perk of a moving sale, your focus should mostly be on getting rid of items before your move. People come to garage sales for the deals, and you should also be ready for some customers to haggle down the costs.

Advertise Effectively

Putting a few signs around the neighborhood is a decent start. However, to really get people to show up, you want to branch out. Advertise in the local newspaper, and make sure you clearly state the times of the sale and the location. There are also online sites you can use to reach out to the community.

Make things easy on yourself the next time you have to move by selling items you no longer need. After you have had a successful sale, you can contact Attention to Detail Moving by filling out this online form to help you with the actual move.

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