Moving is often complicated when it involves moving a long distance. It’s simple to make multiple trips or handle forgotten things when you just move across town, but if you are moving to a whole new city or state, you have to be very organized. Not to mention, long distance moves can be quite expensive. As professional movers, we at Attention to Detail Moving completely understand the expense of a long-distance move, which is why we want to share the following tips on how to save money.

Save on Supplies

Moving boxes can be quite expensive, but you need them to properly pack your belongings. Luckily, there are several ways you can get boxes for free:

  • Ask for used boxes from your moving company
  • Get boxes from retail stores
  • Ask for boxes on local social media pages

Other cost saving ideas include using household items as packing items. These include using:

  • Blankets, towels, curtains and other fabrics as padding
  • Egg cartons as organizers for small items
  • Hampers, bins, baskets or totes as containers

Weed Out the Junk

As you begin to pack, you likely will find many things you haven’t used in a long time or junk that is broken. It is important to lighten your load as much as possible, which means getting rid of anything you don’t need. Create piles for things to donate, sell and throw out. Reducing the amount of stuff you will be moving can help lower your moving costs because movers typically charge by weight.

Move at the Right Time

If you aren’t being forced to move at a particular time, such as because of a job, then you should be flexible on when you will move. For example, moving in winter can be a lot cheaper than moving in the summer. Avoid holiday moves, though, which can raise moving service costs.

When comes time to move, Attention to Detail Moving wants you to find affordable solutions. Keep these tips in mind to save some money, and contact us at 844-668-3223 or click here for the best moving prices.

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