Moving Across Country Checklist

You’re moving cross country and trying to remember everything, from dates and schedules, to organizing your arrival, and somehow the boxes keep multiplying. Well, moving cross country doesn’t have to be a drag as long as you have the right long distance movers and a viable checklist of moving must-dos. That’s why the people of Attention 2 Detail Moving Company, which offers premier moving services in Los Angeles, are here to help. Here are some pointers to remember:

Collect Packing Supplies

Don’t pay for boxes and packing paper if you don’t have to; instead begin collecting them days or weeks in advance. This will help keep costs down and allow you to get started earlier.

Reserve Your Mover Ahead of Time

Avoid waiting until the last minute to reserve your van or truck, as it will only leave you with fewer options and cost more money.

Donate and Sell

Begin donating items you no longer need or want to your favorite charities, or sell them at a yard sale or online well before your move. You’ll make the move easier and generate a little more money for the future.

Schedule a Mid-Month Move

Movers are generally extremely busy at the beginning and end of months, so scheduling a mid-month move will ensure quicker response time from them. Also, fall and winter are off-season for movers, so it you are flexible, consider moving during these two seasons.

Be Clear About What Movers Will and Will Not Move

Movers will not transport any hazardous materials or perishable items. In addition, they will not move personal items such as money, keys, medicine, software or personal files and may refuse to move irreplaceable items such as jewelry, antiques and photo albums. As you can imagine, it is important to be clear about all of these stipulations well before your move.

Ultimately, as with anything, preparation is the key when moving cross country!

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