The time has come to say goodbye to your self-storage unit. Whether you finally found a place to live or are planning on donating your unused and unwanted items, it’s important to tidy up your storage unit so you leave nothing behind, and so you leave it in good condition for the next person who rents it. Here are some tips to make the process of moving out of your storage unit go smoothly:

Emptying Out

It’s critical to completely empty your storage unit and remove everything from the property. Otherwise, you may end up seeing all of your awesome stuff end up on an episode of “Storage Wars.” If you have an inventory of everything you had in your storage unit, bring that with you and check the items off as you load them into your car or moving truck.

Tidy Up

Remember the first day you opened up your storage unit? Recreate that scenario by leaving the space as it was when you initially arrived. Sweep out any dust and debris and wipe up any spills that might have occurred.

Don’t Forget your Lock!

The lock on your self-storage unit will generally belong to the person who rented the unit, so don’t forget to take it with you. Even though none of your stuff is there anymore, if you leave the lock on, the storage unit company will think that the space is still occupied since you’re the only person with a key to the lock.

Let Them Know You’re Leaving

Don’t forget to notify your storage company that you are leaving so they won’t keep charging you storage fees.

And that’s it! Moving out of a storage unit is super simple with these tricks.

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