Moving To Los Angeles Without A Job

I know how scary it can be to move to Los Angeles without a job. I’ve done it. Uprooting yourself to another city, especially a big one like Los Angeles carries risks. What if you don’t land a job right away? Where are you going to live? How will you meet new people? These concerns are legitimate. Here is what I have learned on my way to moving to LA without a job.

Bring Money

I know this might be an obvious one, but it’s good to have savings lined up. In fact, it’s always good to have savings. If you don’t have savings, it’ll be much harder for you to get out here and stay for long. If you don’t have much money and still want to come out to LA, there is a way.

 Stay With Someone You Know

The best way to get started in Los Angeles is to stay with someone you know. It could be a friend of a friend or a distant relative. Staying with someone who knows LA and can give you helpful tips on finding a place can be worth its weight in gold.

You Need to be Here to get a Place

If you try to find an apartment online and rent a place, you might regret it like I did. When I went online, I thought I had found the perfect place. It sounded great and had tons of beautiful pictures.

When I actually moved out here, the place was not anywhere near as nice as the model apartment shown. The place had terrible parking, lots of traffic noise, and the people who lived there were not my cup of tea.

I strongly advise that you come out here and check out the place you want to live before making a commitment. You can also contact a Los Angeles moving company and other real estate experts for professional opinions.

Finding Work  

Finding work in Los Angeles can be challenging, especially if you’re in a competitive field. If you’re just looking to get by, service jobs are a good place to start. Service jobs can hold you over until you land a job that pays better, which can take months or even longer.

Moving to Los Angeles can be exciting and risky, but it can be worth it if you pan ahead, follow good advice and practice due diligence. Good luck!

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