At Attention to Detail Moving, we have plenty of experience with moving, but you probably do not. Most people only move a handful of times in their lifetime, so packing is a foreign activity. Luckily, we are willing to share some tips with you to help you pack for a move just like we do.

Have a Plan

It is important you do not just start putting things in boxes. You need to begin with a plan. Plan out what things need to be packed and where they will go in the new house. Make lists for each room of the new house and create labels for the boxes so as you move, you know exactly where to take the boxes.

Get Rid of the Junk

As you are going through items and packing, you should get rid of the things you no longer use or need. In addition, throw out broken items that you may have been hanging onto. It makes things easier if you designate an area for trash and donation. Then, everyone helping you pack will know where to put items you are getting rid of.

Pack Boxes Carefully

When you are packing, make sure boxes are not getting too heavy. Not only will they be hard to carry but they also may be more likely to be damaged if not packed carefully. Try to pack heavy items into multiple, smaller boxes. Lighter items can be reserved for the bigger boxes. Also, avoid overpacking a box. It will be too difficult to close and items inside could get broken more easily. Anything fragile should be wrapped and packed with material to cushion it.

Packing like a professional is not too difficult once you get organized. That is really the key. When you are ready to begin, just contact us at Attention to Detail Moving here or call us at 844-668-3223.

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