So you’ve finally nailed your ideal job across the country or scored your dream home across town. Now comes the process of moving. But how can you save money when you’re moving on a tight budget? Here are some tips on how to save on costly moving supplies that you’ll probably never use again:

Used Boxes

There are a ton of used boxes that you can collect for your move from all over the place. Check out your local super market and wine and liquor store. Ensure that the boxes are strong, clean, and have no soft sides. When packing your items into the boxes, make sure that you do not over pack them as the bottoms may give out and break.

Buy Plastic Containers

While you can always rent plastic containers, it’s better to invest in a couple of good ones that you can utilize for storage purposes later on down the road. They are a lot simpler to pack and move.

If plastic storage containers are out of your budget range, ask your friends or family if they have any containers they are currently not using that you can use. You can also visit the “free” section of Craigslist or put up a listing saying that you are seeking used storage containers for your move.

Garbage Bags

Affordable and versatile, garbage bags are the ideal way to pack and move clothing, towels, and bedding on a budget. Be sure to get the heavy-duty trash bags that can be tied at the top so none of your items fall out.

As you can see, by getting creative, it is possible to move on a budget and save money on your moving supplies.

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