Tips To Get Rid Of Clutter Before A Move

All homeowners understand what it’s like when you’re moving to a brand-new home and filled with excitement over redecorating your shiny new pad. As soon as the rush of happiness dulls, reality sets in as you look around at all of your stuff; items that need to be stowed away into boxes, hauled by a full service moving company, and then unpacked.

The truth of the matter is that you need to declutter. Ready to start? Here are a few tips to alleviate the process and get rid of clutter before a move:

Start Now

The longer you wait, the more you’ll stress. Figure out exactly when you’re moving, and try to start as soon as possible. While it’s tempting to put it off until the last minute, it will only make the job tougher. Make plans ahead of time to contact a moving company in Los Angeles, such as Thousand Oaks Movers, to move all the items you wish to keep.

Take Stock

Go through each room in your home, one by one. Make a list of everything that you can part with. Those old seasonal sweaters you haven’t worn in months? That ugly cat sculpture hidden away in the closet? These items can be sold, donated, or trashed. With every room you tackle, bring three boxes with you – one for stuff you would like to keep, one for stuff to be donated, and one for stuff that you can trash.

Make Time for the Kitchen and Basement

These two rooms will be your greatest challenge. Give yourself enough time to thoroughly inspect your kitchen, basement, or attic. Be sure to check the fridge, pantry, and closet for items that are well past their expiration dates.

Donate or Sell

Once you’ve done the dirty work, it’s time to reap the rewards. After you donate your unwanted items, host a yard sale for the possessions that you can sell.

That wasn’t so bad, now, was it? Yard sale cash in hand, you can enjoy your clutter-free new home, and even buy some new décor! These tips to get rid of clutter before a move really work!

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